Saturday, October 24, 2015

Damn trend followers

Haven't looked at my Picarto stream channel for a while. Checked it out and saw that yet another stupid trend following has happened. My adorable colorful channel design is now replaced by a gray desert. Oh and avatar pictures are frickin' round there, too! This is another of those plagues of stupid things. Web design is profoundly rectangle-based, because it is smart. And now the web monkeys all go and cut away picture area from profile pictures that is not used for anything else anyway. And whenever you upload a profile picture to such a dummy site, you have to do your own estimations about which parts will still be visible and which not, because, duh, picture files are still rectangular. (Let's hope no moron gets the brilliant idea of changing that.) Profile pictures are by nature quite small and it is already difficult enough to cram all the detail into it that you want. And they cut away even more just because ... why exactly?
Those people must have had a huge explosion in their brain ... complete with disc-shaped pressure wave, shaking camera and tons of lens flares.

I really can't keep calm when such things spread like a plague.

Round is the new asshole.

And uniformity is generally amazingly popular, we know that, too, right?

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