Friday, October 23, 2015

SLI/Crossfire maybe not a bargain solution if not done right-away

I bought a GTX 760 two years ago, for 240 EUR. Now I thought: Maybe I could now upgrade cheap by going SLI with two cards. Let's see the current price level of that card.
Well, the card is quite old and seems to be not really officially manufactured anymore. There are some on Amazon, new. But now the price level is 290-480 EUR! That's nuts. I can only assume that this exactly for the cases where people are looking for a very specific card, i.e. for the purpose of building SLI.
I guess it might even be no bargain generally, because, hey, as soon as a bargain occurs, the 'market army' will hurry to annihilate it.

P.S.: There's a joker on Amazon with a user name that translates as "good prices" who sells cards like this for 10x the usual price. ... Ever since Marketplace, Amazon resembles Ebay way too much.

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