Thursday, September 14, 2017

Youtube forces wrong caption language

First the crappy new UI, then they impose a Community tab beta on me, making my Discussions tab content inaccessible, and now I realized that Youtube combined some intelligent algorithm with total stupidity.
I had assumed that automatic captions are crap. Seems they work quite well though and the crap is what happens when the wrong language is set. So apparently the speech-to-text logic is quite good, but for some reason it does not detect the frickin' language everything is spoken in. So I realized all my vids got auto-generated subtitles, a failed attempt to interpret English spoken word as German.
So I went through all my videos with spoken content and set the video language from undefined to English. First attempts didn't immediately yield results, but I assumed it takes a while before it re-scans the contents. Apparently you can't trigger it manually.
So I just uploaded a new video (and my vids are not optimized for streaming, i.e. they likely can only be processed once the upload is finished) and on the very beginning of the upload I set video language to English. ... And when the video was finished, it had again added German subtitles.
I have now set my channel location to USA, hoping that might convince it. But I shouldn't have to.

This is the constant fail and facepalm that keeps convincing me not to go into a deeper business relationship with Youtube.

Monday, March 6, 2017

"And they wonder why retail is dying"

Reminded of that quote I heard on TV lately, I'll share this little experience I had; one of disappointments that sadly happen way too often.

I needed a beer mug that holds half a liter. I drove to a local furniture mart with a properly sized glassware department. (= time and fuel costs)
I found three 'tipover-optimized' half-liter Weizenbier glasses and a beer mug that only holds a third of a liter, brand "Leonardo". I asked a shop assistant about it and she said they don't have such and that Leonardo doesn't even offer them in half-liter size.
So I drove home, pissed at the glaring omission from a specialist dealer, and due to experience I checked Leonardo's website and there learned that in fact they DO offer those mugs I've seen in half-liter size.

Thus, more business for Amazon.

On Amazon I also checked alternative products and wondered something that one review indeed confirmed: If you design a beer mug, you of course have to keep a good amount of spare on the top for the beer's head. And one product didn't do that. Another example of "You had one job!". What IQ does it require to design proper beer glasses?!
Dilettantes. They're everywhere.
Now I have to wait for the Leonardos to arrive and hope they didn't screw up like that, too. Because they're not giving proper measurement information on their website but instead just the measurements of the carton the glasses are in, with width being the width of roughly two glasses next to each other and the depth referring to one glass including the handle. So I don't even know the exact diameter of them.

On a side note, also no business today for Panasonic, because they are unwilling to offer consumer camcorders on the EU market that can optionally record in 60p like the same models for the US market do natively.
I mean, it's not like we live in 2017 or anything.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

HTML5 on Youtube still pissing me off

I made another attempt because now some longer videos (or 60 fps ones?) don't offer DASH formats for Flash player anymore and thus are 720p only. A blog claimed HTML5 autoplay disable is fixed in Firefox/Waterfox since version 41, but it wasn't, not even in 47. (48 and newer is out of the question because it absolutely blocks unsigned addons now.) There are autoplay stopper addons that work, but now HTML5 videos took an eternity to buffer before they started playing. So that version I then had to downgrade to 43 ALSO because my old without-alternative addon "Youtube Center" (that gives me stuff like video info on thumbnails) didn't work anymore - not at all. Then the player was centered and I lost my patience and enforced Flash player again and clicked on one icon in it and it was properly aligned on the website again. (Video playback fluidity isn't good anymore in Flash though, at least not on Youtube.)

I also got messed up colored ratings bars under my videos even when disabling Youtube Center which has that feature. Some other addon must be doing this, but no other could be. It just started a couple days ago with the video format change.

Now my mouse scrolling doesn't work on the site anymore if I clicked on the video and this blog's text window interfers with a tab navigation addon. I had to go back to version 40 again; the one before I started this latest attempt. Now all my cookie settings are gone! (Luckily I could restore them from my backup. But it's stupid to use an sqlite database file and have it mess up itself between versions.)

I hate this shit! It's getting worse all the time.

We need to make the web great again.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

German newsmedia actually called good relations with Russia a problem

This is how mindbogglingly corrupted the media are really, how much of a hate-propaganda organ they are, with an added dose of lazy spinelessness.

Very recently, shortly before the U.S. presidential election's results were expected, I heard a host (or pundit? - the borders are very fluid there) say on German 'public' TV evening news that both Clinton and Trump would be problematic/inconvenient for Germany/Europe: Clinton because she might demand us to provide military forces for their wars, Trump because he could improve relations with Russia.

Yes, he said it like that. What an inconvenience that would be, to not be able to regard Russia as an enemy, a villain, but to have good relations with them. Apart from the glaring opposites of opposition and cooperation both being villified there, actually this is expressing a view of Russia being the eternal and core villain beyond change or complexity, no ability to discriminate and looks at the various facets of a country. It is saying: Russia is evil, so any cooperation with them is bad.

This is textbook hate propaganda. It is incitement. And incitement is a crime according to German law. But that law is never applied to that side of hatemongers. They're only using it as a weapon against their hate-competitors; those who have the audacity to openly (and often sincerely) express their negative attitudes towards others, those others being the allies of this propaganda establishment.

But the game of distracting from inconvenient self-knowledge by projecting it onto others is very popular. And so you often hear the view expressed like: "China really has censorship and propaganda. We are not perfect, but we are angels compared to them."
The sad irony is that those who say that are much greater devils, for they conceil, use trickery, lies, deception. In China, censorship is actually not a secret at all, it's at least in part more like official policy to filter out certain foreign cultural influences.
While those who play the accuser try everything to pretend they don't do what they accuse others of.

Media censorship in the West is at an appalling level, supported by the convenient ignorance of the masses.
I will end on an anecdote to put things in perspective: Recently someone made a remark about elections manipulation and all the democracy talk and the accusations against countries like Iran. The remark was that it should make us stop and wonder that unlike many targets of accusation by the USA, the USA is the country which refuses international observers at their elections to ensure a democratic process. And their domestic issues with democracy aren't even a secret. But people get angry when you speak out the obvious truth. They consider it a personal attack of their convenient denial.

Monday, September 5, 2016

WoW features acheesements

I noticed that WoW often negates the purpose of achievements, specifically raid achievements.
Being overlevel can make things a lot easier, but some achievements are still tricky and should be if it can be helped. Now if killing a boss in a certain timeframe is the achievement, there is little you can do against overlevel soloing this without any problem. But let me give you an example of what surprised me a bit.

For the Lich King there is an achievement where in one phase of the boss fight spirits or such appear and you need to mske sure none of them explodes. Now when you are soloing the encounter with an overlevel char, you might kill the boss before that phase has a chance of appearing. Now the proper strategy for this would simply be to not nuke the boss down but let the phase occur.
Instead what happens is that your achievement panel announces to everybody that you successfully prevented spirits from exploding in that encounter when you actually simply nuked the boss down. You get the achievement because it never even had a chance of failing.
Same earlier in the same raid instance when you had to heal a dragon up to full health. There's an achievement about entering portals, and if you heal her up quickly, those portals don't appear and you will get the achievement for entering them.

I find that a bit lame and don't understand what the reason is. It's easy to cut back on your damage or heal output, even without removing gear to weaken yourself.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Desperate 'scientists'

Occasionally I read an article about scientists who apparently are desperaste to find something worth examining, or can't find it, or are just not competent. Like when a group of scientists 'found out' that flies have unusually quick reflexes.

Today I read an article announced on the frontpage of a local newspaper where a group of scientists at the University of California in San Diego around Prof. Nicholas Christenfeld and Hannah Tuller 'found out' that when two people have an argument it is easier to loosen up positions, understand the other person's point and settle the argument if you allow yourself to view things from their situation (and maybe even argue from that point, as in the experiment) and that you need empathy to be able/willing to do that.

Wow, yet again.

Those 'scientists' discovered something that pretty much everybody but sociopaths already knew.

If I look at some other works of Prof. Christenfeld, I begin to wonder (not really) how easy it can be to get a position as a university professor. I might be applying too rigid standards to myself.
I mean, OK, not everything they do has to be outstanding, but why is stuff like this making frontpages? Doesn't paint a good picture about the newspaper. (Not that I'd expect much from them, to be honest.)

If you wanted to take the making of this study seriously, it would create some interesting implications about the intellectual and emotional maturity of the USA, heh.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Positive surprise by Valve, albeit still quite flawed

Rarely Valve can surprise positively. In this case, the gesture is appreciated, something encouraging, but in execution still very flawed.

What happened was that in the Terraria community artwork section there were two people heavily practicing art theft. The first one uploaded a flood of other people's character art with many of them being ... age-inappropriate. The second one was someone uploading someone else's piece of art and when called out for it went into a defiant, spiteful rage, uploading three more uncredited pieces from the same artists, this time knowing the source. That one also wrote lots of vulgarities. (Also an observation: It's generally a clichée you cannot deny that when art theft like this happens, most times it's Russians.)

So those I reported. And they kept collecting upvotes for two weeks or so, some of them topping the feed.

Until finally I received this nice e-mail:


Subject: Thanks for reporting inappropriate content on Steam!
Dear -----------,
Thank you for reporting content that violates the Steam Terms of Service or breaks the rules of the area in which it was submitted.

Because of your efforts, we've removed 4 inappropriate or offensive pieces of content from the Steam Community.

The Steam Support Team

Smart, isn't it? Giving feedback to show people that their efforts are valued and have results. Even if this e-mail has been sent automatically (very likely), that is sufficient and doesn't detract from the effect.


The first guy, the spam wave, it seems all of those pictures are still up. Dunno, maybe because they didn't know the sources they couldn't verify the validity of the claim.
But the second person, they uploaded four pictures with all the same source, which was stated. So I assumed those are the ones.

But then I noticed that one of them, the fist picture, with most of the offending comment activity and all the calling-out, is still up. O_o

So in essence this is a very flawed minimum of courtesy, but it's positive (and thus rare), so I considered pointing it out.
(Doesn't change my stance on Valve's under-age gambling scheme though.)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

And you probably thought

If someone asks me a question and it is worded so poorly that I have no clue what they mean, chances are very high that trying to answer it will just be a waste of time.

It's a similar situation when I ask someone a question and specifically word it so that no ambiguity or confusion is left yet the person still manages to misunderstand against my thorough effort.

A person like me who enjoys helping habitually invests more effort into people who have trouble understanding, but internet has taught me in plenty of lessons that the opposite is wise.
Because usually such things indicate that the person refuses to put some effort into such interactions. With the amount of effort someone invests in an inquiry I can judge the degree of their desire to get an answer. Some might even just want attention and thus deliberately prolong an interaction through being vague. Or they are just unable to view the question from someone else's point, which is equally prompting to not waste time on it because that's usually paired with selfishness.

Monday, June 20, 2016

"Doggy bag" is a weird word

A "doggy bag" is when you don't finish your meal, often heard in relation to a Chinese restaurant, and get the rest as a takeout. I don't know where that name came from or what it has to do with dogs, but to me I slightly cringe every time I hear it, not just because in China eating dogs is not a taboo, but because where I come from there is only one purpose that bags have in connection to dogs, and it's of a ... very different flavor, heh.
Apart from that I also find it weird how humans' food consumption is in any way associated to dogs. If I didn't know this colloquial but common term, I'd feel disrespected if someone offered me to put my food in a doggy bag. Am I supposed to be a good boy and eat up then? Or are they suggesting I eat like a dog? Not worthy of a plate?

Then again, this works both ways. I'm not sure, but English speakers might react in a similar way when they hear Germans call their cell phone "handy".

Friday, April 29, 2016

It's a bull market

You know how spirit-seers are said to see people's past karma and stuff and how difficult and troubling it can be for them to have normal human interactions while, like, seeing a colleague at work with an umbilical cord around their neck or a shop clerk stalked by a vengeful spirit?

Well, I smell people's bullshit. Imagine what a burden THAT is all the time!