Saturday, August 29, 2015

The sun is so huge, you can see it with the naked eye!

That was the odd thought I had while standing outside, gazing at the late evening sun, just above the horizon and so dim that I could directly look at it without squinting. I was almost imagining the gaseous turmoil forming vortices and such on its surface. It felt as if it was 'right over there'.

A person can be in visual range, at the horizon, yet become invisible to the eyes due to being so tiny. And right there is the sun, a big ball of light, yet so far away that its photons need to travel 8 minutes at light speed to reach your eyes.
It was a peculiar experience to perceive it that way. I thought: MAN! Imagine how frickin' HUGE the sun must be to be so very clearly visible here on Earth!
Either that, or light isn't as insanely fast as people like to imagine.

In the end, everything is relative. There could be a sun as big as a galaxy and as far away as one and to us it might still look as if it was within the reach of your hand.
You can let your imagination wander even further: Imagine you receive light here on Earth that started its journey before Earth even existed. (Happens.)

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