Saturday, August 29, 2015

Youtube has gotten worse again: commenting etc.

I have learned to copy written comment text, maybe even put it in Notepad or write it there to begin with, because it's so easy to lose all your text due to usability issues with that website - or just stuff like browser crashes, but I have those very rarely these days.

Now Youtube decided to counteract that bit of control the user can exert to increase reliability: I cannot paste text into a comment field anymore. But for some even weirder reason, I can do so once I edit a comment. So I have to write a comment, even if it's just one letter, then edit it and insert my text and save.

As a sidenote, more stuff has gotten worse. Google+ activity feed is now missing comment activity as much as Youtube activity feed started doing once Google+ as introduced. And I am missing comments being made on my videos because I am not notified about those either.

Oh and I also don't see some direct message threads in my messages list. I write one to someone, they respond, and it only appears in the bell menu as well as in my e-mail inbox, but later reference is near-impossible if I don't save those e-mails, because the messages are not under frickin MESSAGES!

Hey, I almost forgot: User referrers in comment replies are not longer links. I don't even know whether the notification for mentionings still work.

Shit's really blowing up now. ... It's what seems to always happen in the corporate world.

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