Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Logitech not just cheapasses, but insulting shits

I can understand that with a device like a webcam they find it acceptable to not include a driver CD, and I might even accept that, too, but not when you then frickin' artifically limit the download speed for the download! It's a >70 MB package, I can download with 725 KB/s (very soon a lot more) and you gave me pathetic 250 KB/s! I went AFK to get something, came back, noticed the download was still only halfway, canceled and used 4 connections via download manager and it still finished earlier than the browser download would have.

THAT is not reasonable. That's screwing with your customers and showing that for you it's all about you only. Generally doesn't give off the vibe of a healthy business to be stingy with such a relatively abundant resource.

Furthermore, I have no HD functionality via the Logitech Webcam Software's quickstreaming feature (e.g. for Skype) because the LWS crashes, and that problem has been reported three(!) years ago as occuring for many if not all users of Win 7 64 bit and discussed ever since, without a solution. Absolutely outrageous, further showing that Logitech is indeed a total crap business.
I kinda expected this functionality to be limited, and I don't really have a need for it, and since I despise Microsoft, the other 'feasible' alternative, just as much, I just accepted to live with it. But damn, I thought Creative is an utter pile of shit, but since my last experience with Logitech MANY years ago where the support acted like total pricks, nothing has changed, at least not for the better.

Businesses like that are a cancer to the world and need to be treated as such.  We're already running out of options, being forced to choose between pile of shit A and pile of shit B way too often.

Here are some references for your raging pleasure:

One or the other way of trying to fix it might work for you or someone else, for others not. It's a total mess. I eventually managed to get it working ONCE by doing the same thing I had tried before (activating webcam mic). Next try and crashes again, without having changed anything.
But it doesn't seem to be necessary for having HD in Skype anyway, but actually locks the webcam from being used in it. So I guess Skype would support HD resolution internally. (I don't know, I refuse to install the newer client with the horrible look.)

UPDATE: I encountered another issue: Buffering needs to be enabled to avoid video studder. In OBS this requires me to, even if I have it set to enabled, switch the buffering setting to any value (enabled, disabled, auto) at least once, otherwise it is disabled. And since you cannot tell Skype anything about how to use a webcam (and it would require the same additional effort anyway), when I send video on Skype, I have no choice but to send studdering video, something I can at least fix each time in OBS streams, but which is still appalling.
And if you want to get 30 fps with moderate room lighting, you better turn RightLight off, set gain to maximum and reduce exposure until you get fluid motion, and it will still not look underexposed. (UPDATE: I now realize that when you turn RightLight off, the camera is still in auto mode, so if you want fluid video without unnaturally increased brightness, leave RightLight off. Also, Anti-Flicker then actually does anything. (RightLight avoids flicker with its own means.))

UPDATE 2: While the camera tries to focus on the center, like a proper webcam should (although it is default for pretty much any camera) , the exposure/gain is designed stupidly. I had the sun shining into my room today, resulting in nothing but a partially sunlit wall on the right side of the picture, yet the camera took that as guideline, tried to avoid overexposed background wall at all costs and thus I was darkened out. And this doesn't change one bit whether you turn that silly-named "RightLight" feature on of off.

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