Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why I enjoyed my recent World of Warcraft 7-day trial phase

World of Warcraft, in my opinion, is in an appalling state, and Blizzard I despise at this point like any money-grabbing soulless entity.

I moderately enjoyed my recent 7-day trial phase though. Here are the reasons:

1) Checking back and see stuff I used to be passionate about for myself. Satisfies curiosity and maybe tingles a little bit of nostalgia.

2) I did mostly dungeon finder and knew all too well by now that it's little more than messy faceroll to quickly get close to endgame. I just accepted that. I had accepted that long before. Why?

3) I didn't have an emotional or material investment anymore.
a) No desperate hope or desire for it to change to the better. I was just a brief visitor. I knew I did not have to build something up for the future. This was just seven days and then it's bye-bye again.
b) I didn't have to pay for it. A most crucial point. Although, even if it was fully f2p, which would be the decent thing to do considering their business approach looks like for a f2p game but has monthly sub fee on top of all that, it would not motivate me to stay with it because it would still be draining and meaningless to me. When that happens, whether something costs money or not becomes secondary.

After my trial phase there was a brief phase where I played in f2p mode to check out the new Darkmoon Faire stuff, but that only lasted a little while because various things pissed me off, and that combined with the rigid limitations sealed the deal.

Would I play a future trial phase? Probably. But to be able to enjoy it, it would have to occur not too soon. (It might be soon though, when they release Legion again way too early because of their panic over the horrible reception of WoD.)

When you free yourself of attachments, things become more relaxed. The power of that effect managed to turn something I consider mostly shit into something moderately entertaining. That doesn't tell you as much about the power of that effect as it does about the state of World of Warcraft.

They say change yourself and the world around you changes. That's potentially misleading. When you change yourself in order to be able to handle crap in a better way, what you change is how you react to the world. It serves you. But you lose the ability to actually solve the problem.

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