Monday, January 5, 2015

Youtube bell menu still bad design

Incredible that the Youtube bell menu is still so flawed. Someone +1s my comment and I want to check them out, but I cannot click their name to access their profile. I'd have to search their name manually in a separate window, and that usually yields way too many or no results, especially when special characters are used.

I also cannot edit my root posting in the bell menu.

And when I switch to another tab, I never know whether the bell menu will still be open when I come back or have silently discarded text I might have typed there. Looking something up for reference while writing a comment? I gotta mark and copy the text so that I have it after switching back to commenting.

And when there are more than one new comments on a thread, I only see the latest one nevertheless, and if I want to see all new ones, I have to unfold the whole thread and scroll to the bottom. In not so rare extreme cases, imagine a 200 comment thread with two new comments. I see one and have to unfold that huge thing just to see one other new comment.

Obvious design flaws like this seem to be common practice with corporations. (This is nothing compared to what Blizzard does. They are venturing into gross absurdity.)

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