Saturday, January 3, 2015

Customer support reply bots

This is the epitome of disrespect and open signaling of how much a business is in the crappers.

But one thing is mindboggling:

It's often very clear that it's just a bot answering, when masses of reports about totally non-applicable standard responses are given, that, even with overworked support people, could only happen occasionally, not in such frequency that it becomes notorious.
So why the hell does it take so long for those useless responses to arrive?!

It's like, you send a ticket

"It says the game I purchased was unlocked, but I don't have it in my library."

and wait two days and finally you get an answer:

"We understand your cat is stuck in the toilet. Sadly we don't provide support for such cases. Try reinstalling Unix.

Thank you so much for asking us for help! Don't hesitate to do so again in the future!
Steven Trololol
Costume Supply Agent

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