Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Decrypting my Twitter info text

Life artist
There's much beauty to be found in life itself. There's a lot going on that goes unnoticed. Life itself is an artist, often providing situational comedy, symbolic art, poetic justice and such. I can enjoy art not made by people, and it inspires me to keep paying attention to it and getting inspired by it. It builds a communication path and relationship with the universe. When someone makes a drawing, the process of how it came to be can be a very enjoyable piece of art, too.
Even if the picture is fuck-ugly, lol.

Guide & seeker
See student & teacher

(Finder & keeper)
Finding what I seek is such a rare jewel that I probably can't resist trying to hold on to it.

Student & teacher
We're all both at the same time. Teacher involuntarily, but student only if we allow ourselves to learn from involuntary teachers.

I believe that everything is God/One.
I didn't want to, but the universe beat me over the head with it.
And it's hard to argue with yourself. ... (Although very necessary for a health mind, but that's a different context, haha.)

Puns are simply divine. Especially mine.

I look at Fluttershy and know there is infinite love in the universe.
And Pinkie Pie made me realize my true self. (The other one. ^^)

I'm a muse. Naturally I love music. Especially (but not exclusively) electronic and non-electronic.
Do you find that amusing?!
Don't you mind if it's confusing?

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