Monday, July 8, 2019

Some WoW BfA impressions in commented pictures

(art shot) 

Here some impressions of my recent World of Warcraft BfA 3-day trial phase and some from shortly after that on my f2p chars.

 How to advertise a guild. ;-D

 That's how I rock.

I love to make a big show with portals. (If you want to be nasty, you can tank the framerate on weaker GPUs by casting them all on top of each other, causing massive overdraw.)

Definitely tricky to avoid weapon clipping with gnomes.

Easy way to add transmog items to the library if you don't have a highlevel for the armor type: make a trial character!

Finally smelting a whole lot of dark iron ore that has accumulated from my Hydraxian rep farming runs.

I took the liberty of killing the emperor and his wife. As a fiery wildcat, I am clearly more qualified to rule the Blackrock Depths. 8)

Among all the types of cloth, netherweave is a plague.

 A wolf shooting lightning from its mouth. Yep, that's Dowlphin style. 8)

 One of those Blizzard things. Completed before there was an achievement, for some it procced, for others not. This is a many months old issue.

Legit pandaren monk outfit.

Hand of A'dal mount works SO WELL with the Prismatic Bauble! ^^

 Reminds me a bit of the wacky beach-style transmog outfits I did for my human female rogue.

 A dwarf's butt-warmer. (Also note my damage performance as healer. ... On my druid when in a good mood and in RFC I was top.)

I find it funny how green lowlevel quest rewards can proc epically. It is very usless and also further devalues any mystique that might have been left to the "epic" quality.

Body shrinker plus fancy pearl plus prismatic bauble on a shaman's ghost wolf form which is not slowed by the shrinking like other such forms. Makes for an amazing effect. A little shiny dot zipping about.

 Somehow I made a shaman look like a warrior.

True nature of the bank revealed, hah.

 Too bad the pearl shiny has such a long cooldown. It works so well together with the bauble.

Typical riding style for a blood elf paladin, I would say. xD

Incognito fishing - a specialty of mine. ^^

Now this seems like the only funny use of the faire's fish head cosmetic. Otherwise I find it just spoils the character looks. (And on druid forms it is pointing away upwards from the snout.)

Just a typical metal concert going on. ;-)

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