Friday, April 12, 2019

Future tech stealth weapon brainstorming

  • Cold fusion pistol (zero IR emissions)
  • Infrared laser rifle (invisible bolts - Or is it a beam? Nobody knows.)
  • HEIAP pea shooter (very silent, compact and undetectable blowgun - until the target is hit)
  • Electrononmagnetic shotgun (made completely out of plastic, extremely stealthy, thus got a massive nerf and now only comes in various bright colors)
  • Buckslingshot (for very soft targets - also available as birdslingshot)
  • No-shot-one-kill imagination beam launcher (extremely heavy, difficult to carry by one person - the lighter models had too many misfires)
  • Mithril crossbow (Not only very silent by design, but its existence is still being widely denied, thus making it very attractive to criminals - From a court transcript: "That mithril bolt tore your arm right off!" - "No, it didn't.")

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