Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The sun - a time-tested success story

Sometimes I need to step out of all the crap of society and just enjoy the sun. Not even just for its light or warmth, but witnessing a time-tested thing in action, running the way it has always run because there is no reason to change that, acknowledging the wisdom of conserving what works and the lack of stupid ideas and rampant fears interfering. ... And it's worrying that some lunatics try to do it anyway these days. But luckily their twisted ideas are not practicable.

Who is surprised by the fact that sun worship has had such a huge following in human history?
And who is surprised that it becomes less relevant among humankind's organized religious structures?
But this is the natural way, this makes sense: True sun worship is not practiced in temples. It is lived through showing sincere appreciation for the sun's doing by bathing in its light and warmth.
You could say, any place without a roof is a temple of sun worship.

If you like, do this exercise: Examine various things for how much they are tainted by troubled minds or containing natural purity beyond politics and business.

I wish managers ran businesses like the universe runs the sun.

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