Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Efficient problem-solving - 99 vs. 1

Sometimes, when I had enough, when crap is piling up, I think:
Why should we talk about getting rid of most of Earth's population in order to solve an imagined pseudo-problem of overpopulation when we could instead get rid of just one percent of Earth's population and solve most of humankind's problems?
I'm specifically talking about the one percent who propagate the former idea.

Then I remember that the 1% have strong support from the 2%, and those 2% have strong support from 4%, and so on.
Human suffering is a group effort. I imagine the 1% appearing at a podium and saying: "All this would not have been possible without your continued support. For this, we would like to thank you. ... But we won't. Because we got you suckers in our bag anyway, and that was all our effort, because we are superior and meant to rule."

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