Saturday, November 1, 2014

World of Warcraft / Blizzard is still as I remember

Checked my list of mounts. They have nice symbols showing which faction the mount belongs to now. But the filter option doesn't allow you to filter by faction to get a list of mounts you can actually use with your current char.

New character models, but what would have been way more interesting and especially in combination with gear transmogrification is including the carried weapons in the casting animations.

They did some map improvements like zoom function within a map, but zooming out of a city map will still lead to the continent map instead of the region map where the city is located. I dunno, is it too much effort to do two right mouse clicks if you actually want to see the continent map? Instead if you want the region map you have to zoom out and then zoom back in, unlike in any other case

Tons of other stuff, but to sum up, WoW is a game I will remember as one where improvements take forever or never happen, where you are hungering for change and better not hold your breath waiting for it.

P.S.: Ever seen a more stupid battle face?

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