Sunday, November 2, 2014

More MMO sound issues

They just love to change proper sounds into crap.
WoW is almost as much self-parody as Progress Quest. After they removed other people's fishing bobber sound so that you wouldn't confuse their bites with yours because you're too lazy to watch what you're doing, they now replaced the gun and metal disc impact sounds of the shooting gallery at Darkmoon Faire. Before it sounded just as you would expect: BANG - PLING. Now it's so mushy, I wouldn't even know how to describe it. Dunno, it's like half-deaf plus massive tranquilizer. I guess someone complained that attending the Faire is loud and Blizzard fixed it. Sounds insane, but I got no saner explanation for why they would do that.
They even managed to spoil the Singing Sunflower companion pet for me by making it say "Sunflower", albeit cute, but every single time you change zone or go through a portal, making the pet respawn.
Why did they do this stuff? It can't be because their sound designers are twiddling their thumbs. Not if it took them 10 years to add footstep sounds.

Things like this, to me, are kind of the logical result of certain problems. You got a type of insanity running, you will get insane results. A healthy business would make more sense.
Not like: Adding guild leveling where every average joe could have predicted the problems that would ensue, then, after years, realizing just that and scrapping the whole thing.
Blizzard is a bunch of really not smart people. They take damn long to learn some simple stuff.
I'd offer my business consulting services, but it's pointless if they don't WANT to act sane. There's a driving intention behind all that madness.

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