Monday, March 6, 2017

"And they wonder why retail is dying"

Reminded of that quote I heard on TV lately, I'll share this little experience I had; one of disappointments that sadly happen way too often.

I needed a beer mug that holds half a liter. I drove to a local furniture mart with a properly sized glassware department. (= time and fuel costs)
I found three 'tipover-optimized' half-liter Weizenbier glasses and a beer mug that only holds a third of a liter, brand "Leonardo". I asked a shop assistant about it and she said they don't have such and that Leonardo doesn't even offer them in half-liter size.
So I drove home, pissed at the glaring omission from a specialist dealer, and due to experience I checked Leonardo's website and there learned that in fact they DO offer those mugs I've seen in half-liter size.

Thus, more business for Amazon.

On Amazon I also checked alternative products and wondered something that one review indeed confirmed: If you design a beer mug, you of course have to keep a good amount of spare on the top for the beer's head. And one product didn't do that. Another example of "You had one job!". What IQ does it require to design proper beer glasses?!
Dilettantes. They're everywhere.
Now I have to wait for the Leonardos to arrive and hope they didn't screw up like that, too. Because they're not giving proper measurement information on their website but instead just the measurements of the carton the glasses are in, with width being the width of roughly two glasses next to each other and the depth referring to one glass including the handle. So I don't even know the exact diameter of them.

On a side note, also no business today for Panasonic, because they are unwilling to offer consumer camcorders on the EU market that can optionally record in 60fps like the same models for the US market do natively.
I mean, it's not like we live in 2017 or anything.

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