Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fools never know what they're up against

As referred to in my tweets: https://twitter.com/Dowlphin/status/656565295008583680

Yesterday part of my dreams was flying a Comanche attack helicopter around the landscape, in part for errants of some kind. At one point I parked it in front of a hotel (unter the welcoming area roof, try that in real life, haha) and when I got out and walked towards the entrance, a sleazy-looking guy walked towards the open cockpit and looked like he wanted to jump in and take off with it just when I wasn't looking.
I approached him and while casually pushing the Comanche a bit backwards ( Chuck Norris dream 8) ) to put some distance between it and Mr. Fool, I intently looked at him and told him "There are weapon systems waiting for you". That scared him off. ^^

In dream interpretation, the helicopter is a sign for a free and agile mind. Such a mind is an automatic insult for troubled, demon-infested, insecurity-ridden (i.e. trapped and inflexible) minds, and thus is it a frequent drama that they burn themselves trying to go up against it. It would be somewhat fulfilling if there were frequent success stories emerging from such confrontations, but those have to be classified "extremely rare". Yet it is the more uplifting when I see someone emerge victorious from an ultimately internal struggle like that. It enables me to shrink my defense budget.

The Comanche was designed as a two-seater, after all.

(I have given up looking for a copilot out there. I will continue doing the shooting when necessary and the steering, but I will recruit the navigator through internal channels.)

P.S.: It is also symbolically interesting that the Comanche was never built. All the effort that went into making it an exceptional tool was wasted because of excessive bureaucracy and unprofessionality on the side of the customer; the one who asked for it but wasn't ready for it.
It is also designed to have radar stealth, so although it is a very potent tool, it will appear tiny and insignificant on people's radar.

P.P.S.: If your rotor blades aren't uplifting, try a slightly different angle.

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