Saturday, June 20, 2015

Valve/Steam knows no limit of absurdity

You know how the summer sale shop page says "Get Wishlist Notifications! Set up email preferences" and only if you do research you learn that it only notifies you of certain types of discounts so that you miss out on tons of good deals on games that actually are on your list?

Valve/Steam only does things right when it's wrong. I (due to the way it works) rarely get notifications, but now I did - now that I know about it anyway, since it's the big summer sale event.
And guess for which games: Not all the many that are on sale right now, no, only three that I just recently added after they had gone on sale. Yes, games went on sale, THEN I added them to the wishlist, and now I get an e-mail telling me that those games are on sale.
I couldn't make stuff this absurd up, but Valve puts it into practice using a corporate business and lots of money.
Being sane can be very frustrating. You see so much madness.

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