Friday, May 15, 2015

The modern corporate mindset

( This is not authentic. ... OR IS IT?!?! O_O )

Interview with a game publisher

Q: Why are there no capital letters in "resident evil 4"?
A: We talked about this in meetings and worries were voiced that such an aggressive design might scare off potential buyers.
We actually do use capital letters in the game itself by the way, but thanks to Steam's very rigid refund policy, we don't see our revenue projections endangered.

Q: Aren't you worried that people might learn about the use of capital letters from gameplay videos?
A: Any uploaded gameplay video that contains text will be taken down in order to not give the customer a bad impression.

Q: What about this interview then?
A: What about it?

Q: Well, people can learn about the capital letters from this interview.
A: i am sorry, but i really don't understand the question. if you have any concerns, please address them to our legal department. they are more qualified to give you accurate information on such matters.

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