Monday, May 4, 2015

WTF - What the fascism?!

There was this noise being made over a biker gang (Night Wolves) loyal to Putin and devoted to christian-orthodox values and doing charity work and such. They were doing a tour from Russia to Germany, to pay their respects at former concentration camp sites and such, honoring the sacrifices of World war II. You can read up the details if you're intetested.
They were denied passage through Poland (surprise, haha) and thus had to take a detour. The German corporate media of course distorted the reasons for that in their usual propaganda crusade.

Still, even Spiegel Online allowed themselves to mock Chancellor Angela Merkel for all the fuss that Germany is making about it because of the Night Wolves' Putin-loyalty, in the context of the current very active anti-Russia incitement done by the propaganda press and government. They insinuated that she must be jealous of Putin because Germany only has an organized-crime biker gang "Hells Angelas" to show.

Well, and now, without any context whatsoever, a local newspaper here published a drawing by an author who apparently buys into all that incitement, too, and seems inspired by the rock bottom Charlie Hebdo level of 'satire'. They put that drawing on their "viewpoints" page, which appears to contain commentaries, without any further context. Just that drawing, as you see it here:

You have to understand, there's still tons of political correctness in Germany, and depictions of swastika without a very good reason are even forbidden. And here we have a German newspaper just publishing that drawing, insinuating the complete opposite of what the Night Wolves stand for, and in that way putting themselves in an interesting position that matches the other hypocrisy going on like e.g. the German government supporting Ukrainian neonazi soldiers or news media allowing Ukrainian politicians to talk about the nazis in a positive light using distortions of history, without being corrected. It's all about who the enemy of the day is and what benefits the own agenda. Germany has learned a lot from the USA in regards to outrageous double-standards.

What the newspaper (Weser Kurier) did here is on the same level as if they had published a picture of Angela Merkel with a drawn-on Hitler moustache. It is very immature in its intellectual depth and very troubling in its implications. But just one of many examples of incitement by the German press against Russia/Putin (personalized incitement is always easier), as documented aplenty by
By the way, incitement is a legally relevant offense in Germany, too. While opposers of government policy are easily being accused of it, the corporate press basically commits this criminal act day-in day-out, in great severity and audacity. It's very similar to the double standards in the Charlie Hebdo affair, where one and the same thing is either called "freedom of press" or "incitement", depending on its loyalty towards the government line.
There is so much hypocrisy going on, it is mindboggling.
It is so damn easy to make critique that matches the criminal government line. This is not my understanding of what defines an intellectual. (Then again, even Noam Chomsky can make statements so incredibly dumb that it makes your jaw drop.)

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