Thursday, April 23, 2015

Finagle's Law and Youtube uploading

Me: Starting upload (quite small video), writing complete video description, adding plenty of tags, preparing custom thumbnail picture. Wondering why I cannot upload that and confirm my textual additions as it usually works at that point.

Youtube: "Your settings will be saved as soon as we've started processing the video."

Minutes later...

Youtube: "This is taking longer than expected. Your video has been queued and will be processed as soon as possible."

Me: Hoping my browser doesn't crash or the upload tab accidentally closing for some reason.

Minutes later...

Me: Giving up, having to assume it messed up right in the beginning, since saving and playlist-add is disabled and the upload doesn't even show up in the video manager as in-progress. Uploading anew. Same problem again. Waited even longer though, and eventually it crudely worked, with no text saved, and me not even sure whether it's the video from the first attempt or the new one. Writing tags for the third time now, since you can't just copy&paste them, which would be really useful in many cases.

It is really annoying when I push myself to put an idea into practice without delay and then everything else involved delays as best as it can. Not the first time I experience it, and it reminds me of the benefits of being able to do everything on your own. Provides maximum fludity; and if not, then you only have yourself to blame.

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