Friday, November 14, 2014

WoW expansion release disaster - so to be expected

I am so smiling at this. At some point, people have to make a choice: Stop allowing yourself to be screwed over or accept being laughed at.

Blizzard released the new expansion for World of Warcraft, and I was curious, so I peeked. And the support forums are full of people complaining that they have been in queue to join servers for many hours, and servers have been full to the brim for the last two days. People pre-ordered, pre-loaded and then still cannot play.

Seriously, who didn't see something like this coming? At this point, people have to realize that this is accepted by Blizzard as something that's more profitable for them to just endure than to avoid with technical solutions. Maybe people will get free gametime because of this, but maybe not even that. It all depends on how much the marketing people say people are hooked on the game.
And it also makes sense that added to a significant monthly fee, the expansion costs extra, because if it didn't, right now the game would lose masses of subscribers. The extra expense creates an additional investment-attachment.

This is one of the MANY things that made me quit playing this or other MMOs long ago.

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