Saturday, October 11, 2014 - Another case of Verschlimmbesserung

There's that German word creation "Verschlimmbesserung" addressing an effort to improve something that ends up doing the opposite.

The design settings for my Picarto art livestream channel include setting a background color and/or picture. I opted for a simple color.

Now, they seem to think that's unbearably simple, so what do to? Well, apparently anything is better, so they decided to outright override the background color setting, make it completely useless, and add their idea of a good default background that is now unchangeably the dashboard background. A weird green-brownish color with a (not even perfectly repeating) grainy/noisy pattern over it. Because, you know, random noise looks so good. It's an art site after all.
They're beginning early with their uniformous look crap that Youtube got so unpopular for when they did it with their new and boring channel design.

Not to mention the idiocy in this because if someone wanted grainy, they could just have uploaded some random noise as a picture and set it to repeat. Hell, the site's supposed to be for artists. They can make their own visual stuff!

So you guessed what I had to do once I got both hands free after the facepalming?
Upload a monochrome tile as background image in order to get the result that the function that's especially for monochrome background should have done. As I said, though, this only applies to my channel page, not any other page like the settings.
They at least could have made it that pleasant dark blue that's in their stream-offline picture.

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