Thursday, October 2, 2014

Are game demos for big names going out of fashion?

Is it just my subjective experience, or are demos going out of fashion for games from big developers?
I guess these days they rely on hype marketing and trust that people will pre-order. To me it's yet another natural symptom of the gap between big gaming business and indie development. Demos don't fit the marketing strategy. And after all, you are supposed to believe what big names in reviewing are telling you. Preferrably the ones who have been bought by the industry. (They don't even try to hide it when they give privileges for people willing to become their monkey.)
I kinda know of anecdotal parallels in the automotive business, a few year ago at least, where in Germany test drives would be as natural as breathing before buying a Toyota and welcomed, but if you went to a Volkswagen dealership and asked for a test drive, you might  feel like a lowly peasant asking the king for a privilege or are treated like a weirdo for making such a request that implies lack of trust in the brand.

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