Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Airline experiences

On my travel to BUCKCon 2014 I learned to appreciate KLM. Yeah, they don't offer one free luggage piece, but I only had carry-on luggage, so it wasn't relevant for me, and prices vary a lot anyway.
I used to fly with Lufthansa before, and in contrast to that, here things I found noteworthy:

I can reserve seats for the return flight when booking, not just when I check in for the return flight.

They play relaxing music when you board the plane.

Their food, oh my god! Dutch culinary specialties. Had chicken sandwich, with super-fresh, soft, moist full grain bread and super-thin cold cuts of chicken. The Netherlands are big regarding care for nature, environment, animals and such, and I found it ironically funny how the packaging stated that the egg used in making the bread comes from happy chickens that are cared for with comfort and stuff. ... It's still a chicken sandwich, LOL. Some chickens might object to this style of presentation.

I didn't dare trying the super-sweet stroopwaffle they offered later. But I checked and there was no hydrogenated oils in it. Nice. Difficult to find stroopwaffles without them here in Germany.

I did try little spicy gouda-crackers though. OMG! DIVIIIIIINE!

One thing I mildly facepalmed about: Lack of goal-orientation regarding on-board announcements. There would be the roaring of the engines and the noise of the air flow across the hull and the captain would make announcements that nobody could understand among the noise.

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