Friday, July 22, 2016

Positive surprise by Valve, albeit still quite flawed

Rarely Valve can surprise positively. In this case, the gesture is appreciated, something encouraging, but in execution still very flawed.

What happened was that in the Terraria community artwork section there were two people heavily practicing art theft. The first one uploaded a flood of other people's character art with many of them being ... age-inappropriate. The second one was someone uploading someone else's piece of art and when called out for it went into a defiant, spiteful rage, uploading three more uncredited pieces from the same artists, this time knowing the source. That one also wrote lots of vulgarities. (Also an observation: It's generally a clichée you cannot deny that when art theft like this happens, most times it's Russians.)

So those I reported. And they kept collecting upvotes for two weeks or so, some of them topping the feed.

Until finally I received this nice e-mail:


Subject: Thanks for reporting inappropriate content on Steam!
Dear -----------,
Thank you for reporting content that violates the Steam Terms of Service or breaks the rules of the area in which it was submitted.

Because of your efforts, we've removed 4 inappropriate or offensive pieces of content from the Steam Community.

The Steam Support Team

Smart, isn't it? Giving feedback to show people that their efforts are valued and have results. Even if this e-mail has been sent automatically (very likely), that is sufficient and doesn't detract from the effect.


The first guy, the spam wave, it seems all of those pictures are still up. Dunno, maybe because they didn't know the sources they couldn't verify the validity of the claim.
But the second person, they uploaded four pictures with all the same source, which was stated. So I assumed those are the ones.

But then I noticed that one of them, the fist picture, with most of the offending comment activity and all the calling-out, is still up. O_o

So in essence this is a very flawed minimum of courtesy, but it's positive (and thus rare), so I considered pointing it out.
(Doesn't change my stance on Valve's under-age gambling scheme though.)

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